My Lo-Tek A-Pillar Gauge Pod Project

The Lo-Tek Gauge pods are designed to fit into the earlier model years of the XR4Ti. I however own a 1989 XR4Ti, and I also happen to like having lots of extra guages in easy to see places. This page is going to cover the installation of the Lo-Tek a-pillar gauge pod (available at: into my 1989 XR.

For the 1989 model year the dashboard and a-pillars were redesigned, with the a pillars going down into the dash instead of setting on top of it as in the previous years. This presents a slight problem because as you can see in the following pictures, the Lo-Tek pillar is about 1/2" shorter than the 1989 a-pillar. The top mounting screw for the 1989 a-pillar was also moved up several inches, which is not really a problem because on the car itself the screw hole from the previous years is still there, you just need to put in a nylon insert. Another problem that I have run into is that the "raven" color scheme is very hard to match with paint... so the a-pillar is painted flat black.
Also, depending on what gauges you use you may need to take some sand paper to the holes in the pods to make them larger - I had to in order to get my Autometer 2-1/16" gauges to fit.

Installation was easy. I made my own brackets to hold the gauges into the pod by taking the aluminum brackets that come with the Autometer gauges, hacksawing them in half, and bending them so that I could use them on one of the mounting bolts and have the bent end press on the back of the gauge. (i'll include a picture later)

The "lower end problem" was easy to fix - cut my old a-pillar into 3 pieces. I cut the bottom off of it right above the screw hole (so the hole was on the end piece) and I cut the top of it off so that the screw hole would remain with it. I screwed the top piece onto the car's a-pillar and I put the bottom piece in place in the dash... Then I attached the new a-pillar (I got the top screw to work by putting a nylon piece off my parts car in the slot behind the screw hole)... The lower piece pushes the bottom end of the lo-tek pillar out enough that it looks almost stock at the dashboard. The piece I put up top needs some work - looks less than stock :P
I'm really happy with the a-pillar, and the job was fairly easy!
Side by side with lower screw holes aligned
Overlapping with lower screw hole lined up
Difference at the lower end highlighted in red

Here are some pictures of the Lo-Tek pod with my Autometer Sport-Comp boost gauge and air/fuel meter installed.
Dark and out of focus, woohoo!!

Driver's View.

View from the back seat

More pictures: Passenger side looking in | Drivers side looking in