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Rest In Peace Fritz

My first XR4Ti was born in 1988, became mine in fall of 1997, and was my baby until it crashed into 2 trees in January of 2000. It has all the standard stuff: Leather interior, heated seats, moonroof, and it would have had AC if I had the time and money to get the hose fixed.

Since getting it I have done a few modifications to it:
Smashed into 2 trees totalling it - January 21, 2000 8:10pm EST - CRASH PHOTOS
Borla stainless steel dual exhaust system - Added July 24
Lucas 35lb/hr disc type fuel injectors
3" downpipe from Modern Performance (Nick)
Boost Control Bypass (15 psi now instead of 10)
Replaced coolant/heater hoses with Purosil hoses
Splitfire spark plugs and wires (not much difference)
Modified antenna to replace broken stock antenna
Sony CD player, JBL speakers, Subwoofer
Lighted XR4Ti logo amplifier faceplate (more on this below)
K&N air filter
New TPS, Oxygen Sensor, PCV valve, belts etc :P

Future Modifications (when I get money):
Intercooler!! (probably from a Turbo Coupe, unless I suddenly get a lot of $$ to spend)
Repaint (original color, because I've never seen another this color)
Euro headlights (now that I have seen what they look like)
Possibly a Cossworth Grille.


I'm not all that happy with how the pictures came out, I'll be editing them for color, etc in the future, but here we go:
A different view
Here it is again
Under the hood
Different angle of engine
Amplifier faceplate
Amplifier faceplate at night
Materials for cover
Fun with my pictures
More fun effects

Amplifier Faceplate:

Building a lighted, XR4Ti logo amplifier hole cover is a fairly simple project. Above are some pictures of the finished project and here is a link to directions on how to do it yourself. Anyone interested in purchasing the set up from me (this includes the engraved faceplate and the red bulb) can email me. I'm thinking $10 is a fair price to ask, this includes shipping.

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