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Fitness Links
Nine Inch Nails/Music Links
Merkur Related Links
Photography Links
Other Stuff

Fitness Links

  • Muscle Media Home Page
  • Muscle and Fitness Home Page
  • The Cory Everson Home Page
  • Muscular Development Online
  • Ironman Magazine Online
  • EAS Suppliments Home Page
  • American Bodybuilding Products
  • Otomix Clothing

    NIN Links

  • The Official Nothing Records Home Page
  • Painful Convictions Really cool looking page!
  • Seems Like Salvation Home of Seems Liks Salvation news... updated daily
  • Official Nine Inch Nails Homepage
  • The Fragile Devoted to the New NIN album.
  • The Meathead Perspective Very funny page updated weekly

    Merkur Related Web Sites

  • Ryan Mattson's Merkur Page
  • The Merkur Desktop
  • Michigan Merkur Owners Network
  • Merker Owners Archives
  • Xavier Kwan's Cosworth Page
  • RB Motorsports Home of Rick Byrne's land speed record holding XR4Ti
  • Modern Performance performance upgrades
  • An Open Mind Inc. Interior and exterior upgrades
  • Merkur Garage
  • B.A.T. British American Transfer - XR and Scorpio parts and upgrades
  • Rapido XR parts and upgrades
  • Merkurbahn
  • Allan Slocum's Site Merkur Encyclopedia, and other good stuff
  • Midwest Merkur Picture Pages, and other useful info
  • EEC-IV Codes Understand what your code reader is saying...

    Photography Links

  • Minolta's USA Site
  • Very interesting site by Phil Greenspun
  • Samy's Camera mail order photography supplies
  • B&H Photo another reliable mail order place
  • Very informative site
  • Kodak Guide to Taking Great Pictures
  • Photo Resource Glossary of photography terminology.
  • Minolta Mailing List
  • Canon's web site
  • Nikon's web site
  • Tamron web site

    Other Stuff

  • Oakland University Home Page
  • Realms Of Despair See my Realms Page
  • Look up stuff
  • Audionet Listen to CD's on the Web and other neat stuff
  • Click Here to see downtown Howell (neighbor to my hometown)
  • Other Web Cameras

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