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This is my second XR4Ti... It is a 1989 5-speed, mono black exterior with "Raven" cloth interior. It was purchased on January 29, 2000 - following the tragic crash of my first XR4Ti.
This XR was in excellent condition when I "found" it: the interior is showroom new and the body/paint is in great condition. Only the rear bumper seems to be pushed in as if the car was rear ended at some point, but that is not noticeable unless you are obsessive about it like I am :P. It was delivered to its first owner on 12/13/88 in Highland Park, IL for $20,885. It was sold to its second owner in 1998, and 3rd owner in 1999 before finally becoming mine.


(*=done by a previous owner):


  • LA3 computer with large VAM - Photos & How-To
  • Custom mounted SuperCoupe Intercooler
  • Bailey EVO Twin Piston Blow off valve - New 11/7/03
  • Cone air filter - new pic 9/12/03
  • Borg Warner T5 transmission
  • RAM Clutch - slipping now...
  • David Godfrey adjustable clutch quadrant
  • Steeda Tri-Ax shifter (Pictures of installation - directory)
  • Ranger Roller Rocker cam
  • Racer Walsh adjustable cam sprocket
  • Lucas 35lb disk-type fuel injectors
  • Full 3" exhaust with a MP downpipe and Magnaflow muffler
  • Adjustable boost control valve* - new pic 9/12/03
  • Gutted upper and lower intakes
  • Braided Stainless Steel Turbo Oil Feed Line -New 10/24/03
  • Braided stainless steel turbo coolant line


  • Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 tires 205/55ZR15
  • Eibach -1.3" (-33mm) Springs
  • Rear end shimmed to get camber back into spec
  • Zork super rear-end stabilization monkey - yeah, its still there!
  • Gabriel VST shocks and struts - cheap but they work!
  • Rear strut brace - home made
  • Upgraded urethane control arm bushings*
  • GreenStuff kevlar front brake pads If you look close you can see the green in there...
  • BAT replacement rear brake cylinders
  • BAT replacement parking brake cable

  • 1988 "Paddle" style wheels from my old XR.
  • Stickers under the hood - Mega HP gain!
  • 1987 bi-wing hatch
  • European Sierra headlights (click for photos and story)
  • 1985 valve cover
  • "Flo Blue" silicone vacuum line kit - new pic 9/12/03

    Drivers side view - new photo 9/12/03
    Passenger side view - new photo 9/12/03
  • Lo-Tek gauge pod - new pic 11/28/03
    (More info on the Lo-Tek install click here)
  • 30 psi boost gauge and air/fuel ratio gauge
  • Oil pressure and water temp gauges in place of clock - new pic 9/13/03
  • 100 psi eletric fuel pressure gauge
  • Lighted amplifier faceplate
  • Aluminum and real carbon fiber e-brake handle - NEW 9/10/03
  • Hurst aluminum and carbon fiber shift nob (photo before the Tri-Ax)
  • Leather shift boot* (really old photo)
  • Aluminum pedal set - old interior shot
  • RS Cosworth ECU cover - New pic 9/12/03
  • Some interior trim painted black
  • Polished aluminum moonroof crank
  • Kenwood speakers in front*
  • Jenson rear speakers*
  • Sony CD player
  • Replaced drivers seat back padding
  • Recently installed "new" dash

    In order of priority/likeliness of being completed:
  • Intercooler brackets!!
  • Install 255 lph fuel pump
  • Replace CV joints... just started clicking 11/8/03
  • Upgrade front brakes using Cossie rotors
  • Repaint car (when Maaco has their $150 premium special)
  • Centerforce Dual Friction clutch (last because of cost/time)

    Recent photos with the "new" turbo:
    Newer engine picture 1 - 11/28/03
    Newer engine picture 2 - 11/28/03
    Newer engine picture 3 - 11/28/03
    From the day before the "old" turbo blew up:
    older engine picture 1 - 9/12/03
    older engine picture 2 - 9/12/03
    older engine picture 3 - 9/12/03
    Directory of new photos from 9/12/03
    Index of older photos not yet included below.
    Photo directory from gutted intake install