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Photo courtesy Fritz Costley

Res Ipsa Loquitor (it speaks for itself):

This is my second XR4Ti, and it only took me 3 months to name it *laugh*. It is a 1989 5-speed, mono black exterior with "Raven" cloth interior. It was purchased on January 29, 2000 from Fritz Costley (Destiny? My old XR was named Fritz), a fellow IMON member, following the tragic crash of my first XR4Ti. This car was named by a friend of mine who is in law school: Res Ipsa Loquitor. It is pronounced Rez Ipsa Low-quiter, and it means "it speaks for itself". I just call the car Rez for short.

This XR was in excellent condition when I "found" it: the interior is showroom new and the body/paint is in great condition. Only the rear bumper seems to be pushed in as if the car was rear ended at some point, but that is not noticable unless you are obessive about it like I am :P. It was delivered to its first owner on 12/13/88 in Highland Park, IL for $20,885. It was sold to its second owner in 1998, and 3rd owner in 1999 before finally becoming mine.

For those not familiar with the car: The Merkur XR4Ti was produced by Ford Europe in Germany from 1985-1989 and imported to the US. The car was designed to compete with the BMW 3 series of cars, but it was poorly marketed by Ford USA so production stopped in 1989. XR's came equiped with a turbocharged 2.3L 4-cylinder engine that put out 175 hp in the 5-spd version (less as an auto), 4 wheel independant suspension, heated seats, heated mirrors, moon roof, and lots of other fun options standard.

The great thing about this car is that it was so well taken care of by previous owners... It even had the original window tag still in the glove box along with the original "Owner Identification" card.

My Carlisle 2000 story
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(*=done by a previous owner):

Eibach competition springs
Gabriel VST shocks and struts - Inexpensive and a huge improvement over worn stock stuff
Aluminum heat shield for my custom airbox installation
Cleaned the engine for Carlisle... Isn't it pretty?
New improved amlifier faceplate - now only the letters light up at night
AutoMeter Sport-Comp air/fuel meter and temperature guage:
  • Custom install picture 1
  • Custom install picture 2
  • Custom install picture 3
    Performance Fuel Systems fuel pressure gauge mounted on fuel rail
    Carlisle Showfield sticker This sticker added at least 15hp
    Custom short shifter (that means I hacksawed 3 inches off my shifter)
    GreenStuff kevlar front brake pads If you look close you can see the green in there...
    Lucas 35lb disk-type fuel injectors
    Replaced drivers seat back with seat back from nice padded leather seat - added 10 horsepower!
    K&N cone air filter with "box" to insulate it - sound SWEET when boost kicks on!
  • How to do it yourself!
  • Custom K&N Install picture 1
  • Custom K&N Install picture 2
  • Custom K&N Install picture 3
  • Custom K&N Install picture 4
    Rear strut brace - Allan Slocum style - see his site or 'Kif' Anglin's site for details
    1988 "Paddle" style wheels from my old XR.
    Modern Performance Level 2 exhaust system consisting of:
  • 3" Downpipe*
  • High flow catalytic convertor*
  • 2.5" cat back piping with upgraded muffler*
    Adjustable boost control valve (Ric Gillis model)*
    Upgraded urethane control arm bushings*
    Momo leather shift nob and leather shift boot (possibly from Rapido)*
    Kenwood speakers in front*
    Jenson rear speakers*
    Sony CD player
    Lighted XR4Ti logo amplifier faceplate (more photos below)
    New clutch, pressure plate, remachined flywheel (2/12/00)
    Replaced O2 sensor with sensor from my crashed XR (it was newer)
    Rapido replacement speedometer cable

    Future Plans
    Gutted Upper Intake
    65mm Throttle Body
    Eibach -40mm Springs
    New shocks/struts
    BAT competition short throw shifter
    Tint the rear windows DARK
    Subwoofer setup of some sort
    Intercooler (never did get one for the old XR)
    Replace coolant lines with Purosil Silicone hoses - Blue is better?
    Matching blue silicone turbo to throttle body hose

    Problems and their Solutions

    Here are a few problems I have run into with my latest XR since purchasing it:

    ["Bold"=the problem "Italics"=the symptoms "Plain"=the solution]

    Amplifier Faceplate:

    Building a lighted, XR4Ti logo amplifier hole cover is a fairly simple project. Above are some pictures of the finished project and here is a link to directions on how to do it yourself. Anyone interested in purchasing the set up from me (this includes the engraved faceplate and the red bulb) can email me. I'm thinking $10 is a fair price to ask, this includes shipping.
    Amplifier faceplate
    Amplifier faceplate at night
    Materials for cover

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