EVLution ENGN pre-workout Review

Quick Summary

Product: ENGN from Evlution Nutrition
Flavor: Blue Raz
Category: Pre-Workout
Mixability: 5/5 – mixes instantly
Flavor: 5/5 – tastes great
Effectiveness: 5/5 – love this one
Value: 4/5 – $29 for 30 servings
TOTAL: 19/20

Detailed Review

I’ve been using this stuff for a while now – figured it is about time to post up a review.

Mixes very quickly and easily with cold water in a standard shaker bottle.

If you like “blue raspberry” flavor, you’ll really like this one!  I usually just toss it right in with my protein shake – tastes really good mixed with cookies and cream flavor, not super great with chocolate 😉

First off these are the label claims: Intense Energy, Maximum Focus, Extreme Pumps, and Explosive Power… Lets start at the beginning – within about 10-15 minutes you start feeling the caffeine kicking in and the boost lasts for more than it takes for me to get through a workout.  The “focus” aspect… I will say that at first I would have said that it worked, now I have to admit that it is more a function of the energy boost.  “Extreme Pumps”?  I don’t know about “extreme” but maybe a bit more than when not taking it.  “Explosive Power” – this goes back to the energy boost… you could call it power I suppose.

Amazon.com sells this for right around $30 for 30 servings with free shipping.  I’d rate that at a 4/5 – there are cheaper pre-workouts out there, and there are certainly more expensive.


Final Conclusion

Definitely like this one.  I’ve been using it for a year or so now, so obviously I like it. I would definitely recommend this.

If the review isn’t enough to sell it – look how awesome the label is – it changes when you move it!

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